Region 7 Website

Websites by request

Members, including associates and affiliates, that belong to one or more of the four Region Seven Chapters are eligible for your Website listing. For a listing Email either the Regional Director or the Region Seven Webmaster with company name, Chapter(s) you belong to, web-address and request the listing.


Region Seven Member Websites

CW Silver Industrial Services, Salt Lake City, UT (ME)

Center Electric, Inc., Tacoma, WA. (PNW)

Conrey Electric Inc., Portland, OR. (PNW)

Electric Motor Service Co., Idaho Falls, ID. (ME)

Green Motors Practices Group, Boise, ID (PNW)

H&N Electric Pasco, Inc., Pasco, WA. (PNW)

HPS Electric Apparatus Sales and Service, Roseburg, OR. (PNW)

K&N Electric Motors Inc., Spokane, WA. (PNW)

Kalen Electric & Machinery, Eugene, OR (PNW)

Nelson Electric Motor, Salt Lake City, UT (ME)

Palo Alto Electric Motor Corp, Palo Alto, CA (NoCal)

Reed Electric, Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA (PNW)

S&G Electric Motor Repair, Inc., Blackfoot, ID. (ME)

Sloan Electromechanical Service and Sales, Sand Diego, CA (SoCal)

Thomas Electric Co., Salt Lake City, UT (ME)

Western Industrial Motor & Machine, Inc., Pocatello, ID (ME)